LOXY Seal – LB700 series


LOXY has always pushed the envelope to create products that benefit all stakeholders. This approach is reflected yet again in another product, the BlueSign approved and Öko-Tex Class 1 LOXY LB700 bonding film.
Whether it’s the advanced adhesive chemistry that creates lasting mechanical and chemical bonding or soft characteristics that mimic stretch & recovery of selected fabric, LOXY LB700 qualities are a testament to Loxy’s innovation.

The unique colors on the carrier makes tracking a lot easier during production. Processing is also accelerated thanks to the wider window of seal ability provided by LOXY LB700 application.

Loxy considers the environment to be an important stakeholder. So it isn’t surprising that LOXY LB700 has a lot of green qualities. For instance, the absence of paper carrier minimizes impact on the eco-system. Furthermore, the solvent-free, 100 % TPU used not only benefits the environment, but improves durability and sustainability.