LOXY Seal – LD100 series


Our new reinforcement tape is made to make your garment stronger and at the same time give a decorative design. LOXY seam reinforcing tapes are extremely strong and smooth, made for applications on soft shells, 2layer or 3layer fabrics.

Ultrasonic seams are becoming the preferred technology because there is virtually no seam allowance and due to the extremely low profile. However, an ultrasonic seam is frail and not water resistant. Therefore, regardless of your fabric‘s composition and processing parameters, tapes are required. LOXY seam reinforcing tapes are thin and smooth and create superior seam strength. Additionally they improve the water resistancy of the seams.

Our LD100 seam reinforcing tape series is a 2 layer, TPU/PA tricot. It is designed to give a smooth and luxurious looking garment.